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What materials are currently available?
Currently, we only offer Birch Plywood, but hope to add more materials to our library. The plywood sheets are cut using 3DCarving (CNC) and sanded to a high finish.

Does the furniture arrive completely finished?

No. Your product will arrive in its natural form without any varnish or paint finish. We will provide different options for finishes in the near future that can be ordered with your product.

How do I put the furniture together?

Designs are of varying complexity with the fastest assembly times around ten seconds. Those who claim on twitter to have assembled a product in five seconds are lying and should not be trusted! Other designs are highly intricate and may take up your saturday for those that crave something more delicate. We will always list the average assembly time on each product page and provide detailed instruction on how to put a piece together. We see the previous generation of ready-to-assemble furniture as frustrating to put together, a problem we are set on solving.

How are Fabsie’s product manufactured?

When you buy a product from Fabsie, we nest your order in the next batch to be 3D carved. The batch will be sent to a maker who starts the process with large sheets of plywood. They will digitally carve them using the batch file including your personalised order. These pieces are sanded and then taken to be packaged and delivered to you.

Can I modify the personalise the designs?

Of course, we love when you order something original. The beauty of digital 3DCarving is that every product is made with individual settings that are easy to change. Contact us to let us know if you further customisation to the options available on the website.

How should I care for the furniture?

Feel free to varnish, paint, upholster or veneer your product. Have fun and do send us a photo of your creation. We will display the best photos and videos on our site and share them with the community.



Why do I have to order in a batch? I want my product now!
We love original products that are personalised just for you, prefering to produce products on demand than hold stock in expensive warehouses. Therefore, we produce our products in batches. When we grow in size, we may consider holding some stock, but the batch production method for personalised products is here to stay.

When will I be charged?

You will only be charged when your order is ready to be produced of which we’ll keep you updated with our progress so that know when to expect your orders to be delivered.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to EU, US and Canada. We can arrange for deliveries to be made anywhere in the world at a premium, but you may consider our advanced DIY option of downloading the files and yourself and contacting makers. We are availble to help if you wish to do so. 

Can I return my order?

If you are not happy with your order, please get in touch as soon as possible. Contact us at within 7 days of delivery including your order number and a brief summary of your reason for your return. We will then send you a Cancellation Reference Number by email. If you wish to return an order that is personalised, contact us and we do our best to come to a happy agreement.

What if my order is incorrect/damaged?

Firstly, we’re sorry to hear that. Email us at along with the order number and a photo of the damage and a description. We will then go through the refund and repair options with you.

Do you sell to other businesses?

Not yet. If you are a business interested in selling designs from the Fabsie platform, do get in touch to let us know your interest.

I’m having trouble making the payment, what should I do?

Simply get in touch at, and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I track the progress of my order and delivery?

Your order confirmation email will include a tracking code to check the status of your order and delivery.

What if I’m not there when the delivery arrives?

Our delivery partners will get in touch with you before making delivery. If you're not there when they do, you can re­schedule your delivery by scheduling another delivery time or getting in touch with us.

I’ve still got a problem, what do I do?


Please contact us about anything related to our furniture. We want to hear and solve your problems. We aim to fix the challenges you face permanently, saving other customers from any negative experiences.




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