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We're carrying timber into the digital age.

TIMBERTAIL = Timber + Tail. 
Timber is another name for wood. 
Tail refers to long tail, dovetail and retail

Long Tail

We design hard-to-find items instead of bestsellers. Our designs are cut on-demand by robots, then finished by hand.


Resistant to being pulled apart without any mechanical fasteners, dovetail joints symbolize quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.


We design, create and retail our own products so that we can run efficiently without middlemen. Having our store on the internet allows us stock infinite options to suit you.

Designers & Makers

James McBennett

James trained in architecture under several design industry influencers who specialise in digital design, hyper-rational problem solving, fast-prototyping and storytelling. Using Kickstarter and participating in Startup Chile, he equipped his garage with enough resources to begin. James maintains a very broad set of interests, but is obsessed with the long tail of design, robots, continious learning and making things in wood.

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